DataMart 12.0 HF1 is now available


DataMart 12.0 HF1 is now available

It’s on the links below:

 This has the following fixes:


The following fixes are contained in HotFix 1 (build


 - Resolved timing issue with Datamart extraction in update mode where changes committed within a transaction could be missed by the extraction.

- Provided two new configuration options startTimeOffset and startTimeOverride in .stxtract property file for Datamart extraction

- Fixed the Datamart process to return the correct exit code during failure to connect to the server.

- Modifying the extractor properties via the GUI no longer results in any custom flags (for example, –detail and –debug) getting deleted from the STJAVA file. Also extractor now lists the property values being used for extraction.

- Implemented Datamart extraction performance fixes for Group extraction. Datamart extracts no longer take a long time for StarTeam Server with a large number of groups.

- Resolved the issue of change requests that are moved between projects disappearing from Datamart extraction when projects are extracted in a certain order.

- The StarTeam Datamart job has been fixed to now populate with the correct Attachment Names.


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