StarTeam 12.0 CPC HF3 is now available for download.


The following fixes are contained in patch 3 (build

(SDK) The issue with resolving Time-Based Configuration URLs has been fixed. They need to be created at full scope.
(SDK) When logged in as a user with non-administrative privileges, you can now query for group membership of other users.
(SDK)  Resolved the issue with a Deleted Item Exception being thrown by the server when processing a VCM session based on a promotion state attached to a label.
(SDK)  For the stcmd check-in reason for backward compatibility with a 2009 stcmd, the command string itself is no longer included in the check-in reason.
(SDK)  The issue with the -cwf switch has been fixed and now works correctly.
(SDK) The issue with the stcmd diff option not working on newly added files has been resolved so that stcmd diff does not ignore the second –vd parameter.
(SDK)  Added workflow context limits when processing Project and View specific rules.
(SDK)  The Web SDK now supports reference views for the Web Client.
(SDK)  stcmd identifies itself as ‘StarTeam Command Line Interface’ in the server log.
(SDK) History keyword expansion no longer adds an extra new line when moved from the ‘current’ to the file content.
(SDK)  Changing a password through the Client no longer fails with an access rights error.
(SDK)  Change request History now displays the previous view name after a move.
(SDK)  Resolved the problem that occurred when running a VCM Compare from the Source view producing different results than when run from the Target view.
(SDK) When SCTM creates an item and immediately attempts to resolve it through an open CPC, the item now correctly displays in the CPC.
(SDK)  stcmd now honors relative paths (for example, -fp ) for checkout.
(SDK)  stcmd no longer throws a Null Pointer Exception when processing Not in View files.
(SDK)  Resolved the issue in the CPC when checking in a file with Lock Status set to Non-exclusive.
(SDK) For backward compatibility, the SDK has been fixed to silently ignore –x and –stop, rather than throw an exception.
(SDK)  Attempting to check in a file to a Reference View, whose Parent Reference View has no rights, now succeeds.
(SDK)  stcmd connect exceptions no longer display protected password text.
(SDK)  File Status on checkout is no longer changed if the file is locked by an external process like Microsoft Word and the checkout fails.
(SDK)  Changing the default action on a folder in VCM has been corrected to now propagate to all child items, for views defined off the non-root folder of the parent view.
(CPC)  Resolved the issue with the VCM Details panel showing configuration incorrectly as “Current” when a promote from a rolled back view is performed.
(CPC)  Fixed the issue of localized resources generating an exception in the Links detail pane and other places. (CPC)  Removed the option to Cancel upon VCM commit failure.
(CPC)  Fixed the CPC on Linux.
(CPC) Resolved the issue of default cache agent properties being used when the values have not already been set in the server-list.xml entry.

This build can be down loaded here: CPC 12.0 HF3


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