Why can I not use a mapped drive as my hive using StarTeam 2008 server?



Why can I not use a mapped drive as my hive using StarTeam 2008 server?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version:2008
  • Product Component: Server
  • Platform/OS Version: N/A

The main reason we are unable to run a StarTeam server with a mapped drive is due to the following Microsoft limitation. Mapped drives are designated to the user that maps them, and another user using the same machine will not have the same mapped drives.

However, UNC path drives can be used as a workaround. You can set the StarTeam configuration to run as a service, but use an ID to log on to the service that has full permissions to the UNC path to the machine.

The following steps below outline this procedure:

  1. Open the Server Administration Console and go to ADMINISTRATION | HIVE MANAGER
  2. Select the Hive and click on Properties
  3. Edit the Archive and Cache path to point to the UNC machine location. This will need to start with \\ to denote network location
  4. Now go to the machine you are mapping to and add the user ID as a member of the local Administrators group with full access.
  5. Browse to the UNC folder, Right-click and select Properties
  6. Select Sharing
  7. Select Permissions
  8. Ensure the 3 options (Full Control, Change, Read) are all ticked and enabled
  9. Go back to the StarTeam Server Administration Console and select the option to run the configuration as a service. In the service dialog window use the ID that we added as a member to the administration group

This gets us past the sign on issue and allows the service to start. The caveat is that the ID used in production can never have a password change and you have to stop and start the service from the "Windows Services" dialog instead of the StarTeam Administrator Console.

Old KB# 29093
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