The folderhierarchy cannot be resolved to a folder in this view


Running STCMD it is not possible to check out from a specific folder using the following syntax:

This is a documentation issue. The 'ST_CmdTools_Help_en.pdf' which is installed with the StarTeam 13.0 CPC, specifies the following syntax:

set project=projectName [view=viewName | viewHierarchy=viewName:viewName:…]
[folderHierarchy=folderName:folderName:....] [-cfgl "label" | -cfgp
"promotion state" | -cfgd "date"] [-pattern "date-pattern"]

This is incorrect and should read:

set project=projectName [view=viewName | viewHierarchy=viewName/viewName:…]
[folderHierarchy=folderName/folderName/....] [-cfgl "label" | -cfgp
"promotion state" | -cfgd "date"] [-pattern "date-pattern"]

Note that the ":" is incorrect in the first example and should be changed to "/".

The documentation has been amended for StarTeam 14.0.

Below is an example of working syntax for specifying folders for check out:

Incident: 2655857

Comment List
  • I am running 14.0 . My view structure is view=/

    If I do

    set project= viewHierarchy==/ folderHierarch=//

    I am getting “The folderhierarchy cannot be resolved to a folder in this view.”

    However when I do set project= viewHierarchy= folderHierarch=//

    I am getting “Command completed successfully in …”

    Please advise why the viewHierachy complained about this structure viewHierarchy==/