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ERROR: Feature


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.0, 4.1


Sensitive information in the StarTeam database is encrypted, and can only be decrypted by using the proper cipher phrase. The cipher phrase is a text string, or key sequence, entered by the StarTeam VTS Administrator when the StarTeam repository is created. This phrase is stored in the StarTeam repository configuration files. If the cipher phrase stored in the repository configuration files does not match the cipher in the StarTeam database, the error Feature may appear, forcing the StarTeam server to abort start up.


This type of error commonly occurs when the repository configuration files have been recreated, and the cipher phrase is entered incorrectly during that process. If the repository configuration files are missing (ex. stardraw.cph, stardraw.scg), because of an incomplete backup, or hard drive crash, and you know the cipher phrase, you can recreate this configuration files by following these steps:

1. Suppose the orphaned repository is rooted at d:\repository. Rename the original root directory, e.g., to d:\repository.old. If you are using a database format other than MS Access, backup your database as well. Then create a new temporary tablespace/database on your database server.

2. Create a fresh repository with the same name and at the same location as the original (d:\repository), making sure that the same cipher password is used. Make sure to use the same database format. If you are using something other than MS Access, you will also have to create a new ODBC connection as described in the StarTeam Administrator"s Guide. Point this connection to your new temporary database you created on your database server.

3. Startup the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server and run the server once to initialize the new configuration files. It is very important that in this step, the ODBC points to a NEW temporary database with no StarTeam tables in it.

4. Shut down the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server.

5. Delete the root repository directory that you created in step 2. (and the temporary database if you made one), and rename the original directory to its correct name, e.g., dd:\repository.old to d:\repository.

6. Start the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server program so that you are on the opening dialog entitled, "Select Server Configuration", and view properties of the recreated configuration. From the first page copy the Database Guid field (for pasting into the database).

7. Open the database file with MS Access (or SQL if you are using another database format) and locate the table ServerSettings, and then ServerID field (column). Paste the GUID value into that field and close the database.

If you are not familiar with the cipher phrase to your repository, but you do have your old StarTeam configuration files (ex. Stardraw.scg, stardraw.cph), it is recommended that you contact StarBase Product Support at, or (714) 445-4460.

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