Created On:  23 February 2011


What functionality does the StarTeam Web Client provide?


The StarTeam 2009 Web Client is an intuitive, web-based interface that multiple simultaneous users can use to connect to one or more StarTeam Servers. The Web Client is designed to meet the needs of users responsible for viewing, creating, and editing change requests, requirements, tasks, and topics.

The StarTeam Web Client supports the following activities:

• Using public filters on the StarTeam Server to refine the scope of items to browse
• Creating a non-file item
• Editing item properties
• Locking and unlocking an item
• Displaying item details
• Deleting an item
• Downloading a file to a local or network drive
• Starting a view session with a generated item or folder URL
• Viewing historical revisions
• Viewing a revision's properties
• Editing a revision's comment

When managing files using the Web Client, users will only be able to check out and view a file and its contents, users will not have the ability to check a file in.
Incident #2502311