StarTeam 16.0 released


We are pleased to announce the release of Starteam 16.0. This contains the following new functionality and is available from 

StarTeam Command Line Tools

The following are the updates for this release of the StarTeam Command Line Tools.

Select Command

The Select command now contains new queries:

changed-files Use this option to generate a software lines-of-code count report.

Update-Property Command

Updates the display name of any StarTeam property on any type.

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

Change Request User Lists Only Show Active Users

From version 16.0 onward (client and server), all user lists, such as Responsible Users for a Change Request, exclude Suspended or non-active users.

Full Change Package Rollback

The new Rollback menu item in the Change Package perspective rolls back all of the files attached to the committed Change Package. A new workspace Change Package is created and can be committed. The revision attached to the Change Package is reverse merged out of the tip content. The reverse merge process itself is manual. You are prompted to run the merge using the Delta II tool. When the reverse merge is complete, the updated content is stored as part of the session. When committed to the current view, you get the desired effect.

Multi-Select Context Menu

The new multi-select context menu options help moving or sharing items across projects or views. This new UI provides an alternative to the traditional drag-and-drop approach.

Spell Checker

The new spell checker component tracks text as it is typed in multi line text fields, such as Task Notes and Change Request Synopsis. It underlines incorrectly spelled words using a red wavy font and offers suggestions for correction. To toggle the spell checking option, check your Personal Options.

This is supported in English, French, German and Portuguese.

Symbolic Links

The File type now contains a symbolic link property. If content is checked in or out via a symbolic link, the address of the target is stored in the new property value.

Support for Mac Client

The StarTeam Cross-Platform Client now supports the Mac client. See the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client System Requirements for supported versions.

VCM Commit with Full History

Multiple revisions of a file (it's history) can be propagated to the parent view during a VCM promote session. This is typically likely if you have checked in multiple versions of a branched file in the child view, and then you ran the promote and want to carry the history of all subsequent revisions since the last promote. Since the historical revisions in the child view may have been created by other users (than the user doing the commit), the person performing the commit must be granted impersonation rights at the server. This feature can only be turned on at the project level using the new project option: Merge File History during VCM commits, and is supported on StarTeam Server versions 16.0 .

VCM Content Differences Display

The File Content differences pane for File Compare/Merge operations has been expanded to include two new panes. The first pane displays the file content differences between the Source File and the Common Ancestor picked for the merge. The second pane displays the file content differences between the Common Ancestor and the Target File.

VCM Process Item and Attached Revisions

The VCM wizard has been expended so that if a Story is picked as a process item, the Story resolves to inview Tasks created by Agile, and the in-view Tasks are used as cross project process items to files in a completely different view. The VCM wizard automatically changes its context to the project/view in which the files reside, and runs the VCM session for the attached files.

VCM Skip Multiple Revisions

The Skip-A-Revision feature in VCM has been modified to support skipping multiple revisions. Each

selected revisions needs to be reverse merged out of the content using the merge tool Delta aII.

Workspace Modified Time

The StarTeam Server has introduced a new property on the view called Workspace Modified Time. This property value is automatically updated to the current time whenever files are checked into the view. This property value is visible through the View Property dialog box in the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client,and is returned as part of the list-views query of the command line.

StarTeam Server

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Server.

Cloning Users

You can now clone existing users to facilitate creating a new user based on another. In the User Manager, right click and select Clone.

Custom Component Builder

The Custom Component Builder now allows you to:

• Clone a component definition to quickly create a new one based on another.

• Export a definition to save a copy of it.

• Read and display the XML file from other server configurations.

Database Migration

You can now use the database migration function to migrate PostgreSQL to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, database migration is now supported on StarTeam Server running on Linux operating system.

Import/Export Manager

You can now use Import/Export Manager to copy data between Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Online Purge

Online Purge now supports PostgreSQL.

Server Configuration Settings

DefaultBinaryExtensions This new setting in starteam-server-configs.xml allows you to specify a semi-colon separated list of extensions which will automatically be treated as binary files on check-in.


The following are the new features for search:

• You can select multiple configurations to search.

• You can search using non-Windows Clients.

• You can search using the StarTeam Web Client.

• You can search users and groups in the User Manager.

Shut Down Remote Server

You can now use the Server Administration Utility to shut down remote server configurations. Click Actions > Shut Down Server.




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