StarTeam 5.2SP1 : Solaris Server 35



StarTeam 5.2SP1 : Solaris Server 35


Patch #35 for 5.2.195-5.2.197 (Service Pack 1) for StarTeam Server Solaris
Build 5.2.198Patch

Installation instructions:

Stop StarTeam server (e.g. servertools or cmdline)
starbaseserver -stop YOUR_CONFIG
Backup the database and repository.
Change to your installation directory. For the default installation:
cd /opt/starbaseserver
Make a copy of the original files
tar cvf 5.2.198.tar *.so *.ssc starbaseserver serveradmin servertools
unzip file to your install dir
Assuming your patch is under your $HOME
unzip ~/
restart StarTeam Server


1. Resolves StarTeam Server start problems when a cache greater 4 million records is attempted to be loaded. The Server would appear to stall.
The following is also included in patch #34
2. Resolves problems with the server time adjustment as well as miscellaneous server core dumps under heavy load.
3. Resolves Verify Vault core dump.
4. Adds a choice to not install patches and checks for an "obsolete by" patch (only for full installation).
The following is also included in patch #31
5. User ID and full names are both included in the UsageInfo.txt and UsageInfo.sig reports.
The following is also included in patch #25
6. Resolves TNS errors that can occur when setting a view configuration to a label.
The following is also included in patch #3
7. Resolves problem with upgrade from StarTeam Solaris version 5.0 to StarTeam Solaris version 5.2.195 that causes a non-administrative user to get a "No registered owner has been found for the given object." error.

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