Created On:  26 January 2012


While labels can be manipulated using the client GUI, this can become time consuming for a large number of labels. The 2009 and earlier client command line interfaces do not include commands to unfreeze labels prior to deletion.


The StarTeam 12.0 client includes an updated command line interface with the ability to unfreeze and delete labels. The StarTeam 12.0 client can be obtained from the product downloads page at

The unfreeze option is included as the argument -u in the apply-label command. For example:

stcmd apply-label -p "ProjectName"  -lbl "LabelName" -u file.txt

A file name must be specified at the end of the command - the label will be temporarily attached to this file.

To delete the label:

stcmd -p "ProjectName" remove-label -lbl "LabelName"

The values for label name can be substituted for variables in a batch script as appropriate to aid automation.

Incident #2555018