Created On:  21 June 2010


In a VCM session all file and folder conflicts have been resolved, however the changes cannot be committed.  Why is this?


This can be due to a naming issue between folders. 

All folder names in the Parent View and Child View are required to match.  If the folder names in each view do not match, the folder will appear unresolved and VCM session will not allow the commit to take place.

There are two possible solutions:
1. Configure the VCM session to ignore the name differences between the Parent and Child views
a. In the View Compare/ Merge Wizard
b. Select "Set Options"
c. Uncheck 'Match folders and files by name'

2. Rename the Child view folder to match the Parent view.

If the issue still exists after trying these steps contact Micro Focus SupportLine.
Incident #2450178