Information about Client Inactivity Timeout



Information about Client Inactivity Timeout


  • Product Name: Star Team
  • Product Version: 6.x & 2005
  • Product Component: Timeout
  • Platform/OS Version: ALL


The inactivity timeout is a Server side property it is used to automatically log users off a project when they have been inactive for a length of time. When a client has no communication (either automatic or manual) with the server for the specified length of time, StarTeam Server drops the connection and the users license. The user must log back on. If the user had a concurrent license, that license is returned to the pool of concurrent licenses.
Automatic communications to the server include automatic refreshes and, for the StarTeam Windows client, automatic system tray notifications. For example, suppose a user has system tray notification set to automatically check for new change requests every ten minutes and the inactivity time out is set for two hours. In this case, the user never times out because of the automatic communication between the client and the server.

Hence this cannot be set by user on Client side.

Here is the procedure to change the inactivity time for StarTeam Server :
1. Display the Server Administration dialog by doing one of the
From StarTeam, select Tools > Server Administration from the
menu bar.
On the computer where StarTeam Server is installed, select
Start > Programs > StarTeam > StarTeam Server x.x > Server
Administration from the Windows taskbar.
2. From the Server Administration dialog¿s left pane, select the server configuration you want to work with.
3. Click Configure Server.
The StarTeam Server Configuration dialog appears.
4. Select the General tab.
5. Select the Inactivity Timeout check box to enable this option.
6. Type the number of minutes in the text box to set the inactivity
timeout value.
7. Click OK.

Inactivity timeout option is turned off by default, but one may
want to enable it and enter the number of minutes of
inactivity, after which StarTeam automatically logs
the user off the server configuration. Hence there is no defaulted value.

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