Created On:  25 April 2011


When running Actions | Upgrade in the StarTeam Server administration console, the following error results, causing the upgrade to fail:

Cannot add a column to the table: the size of the row will exceed the allowable maximum


This error is caused by a limitation on SQL Server where a row size may not exceed 8060 bytes. This is typically due to a large number of custom fields, which have increased the row size to this limit.

In order for Microfocus to investigate this issue and provide a solution, please execute the following (read only) SQL query against the StarTeam database and provide the output in a support incident:

SELECT * From Cfields
WHERE OBJCAT like '%Custom_%'

Please also provide the file "dbupgrade.en-US.log" from the root vault directory and the build number to which StarTeam was last successfully upgraded.
Incident #2508914