When I start the CPC, all of my previous projects open multiple times.



When I start the CPC, all of my previous projects open multiple times.


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006, 2006 R2, 2008
  • Product Component: CPC
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows XP

When I open StarTeam CPC, all of my previous projects open multiple times. ProjectA will open 5 times and ProjectB will open 3 times, etc. How do I stop this from happening?

This will only happen if "Restore shortcuts on startup" is selected in the Personal Options.
When this occurs, the likely cause is that the user was switching back and forth between projects using the menu item Project -> Recent Projects.
This should not be used to switch back and forth. What happens each time Recent Projects is used is that it opens a new connection to that project/view. So if a user swaps back and forth 3 times between two projects, six windows will be opened. Once the CPC is closed, all 6 of those connections will be saved and will reappear/reconnect when the CPC is restarted.
To clean this up, the user will need to go into Documents and Settings/(username)/Application Data/Borland/StarTeam and locate the .stx files. These will need to be deleted because each one will trigger at CPC startup and it is difficult to tell which projects they point to. Deleting them will not harm your system.
Now, when the CPC is started, no projects will load. Once the user opens the projects they need, the shortcuts will be restored when they close StarTeam CPC. The next time they open the CPC, the projects that they require will open one time only on startup.
After this is fixed, the user should use the Window menu option to switch back and forth between projects/views.

Old KB# 28960
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