How to Use StarTeam 5.2 integrations with StarTeam 5.3.



How to Use StarTeam 5.2 integrations with StarTeam 5.3.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.3


StarTeam 5.3 Server and Clients have been released at this time, but new integrations for 5.3 have not been released yet. You may encounter difficulties attempting to use the 5.2 integrations with a 5.3 Client installation. See the following details for a workaround to enable the use of 5.2 integrations with 5.3 Clients:


When attempting to add the first project to source control, the following error message may be displayed:

where "[CurrentUser]" is the name of the user currently logged in to windows.

To correct this problem:

1. Using Windows Explorer, change to the location specified in the error message. In this case:

"C:\Documents and Settings\[CurrentUser]\Application Data\Starbase"

2. With the "Starbase" folder selected, the right pane of Windows Explorer, right click and select "Text Document" from the "New" context menu entry.

3. Change the name of the file created in step #2 from "New Text Document.txt" to "StarTeam.ini"

4. Return to the integration and attempt to add the project to source control again.

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