Created On:  04 March 2011


Having created a Custom Form (APE) and correctly deployed it through the StarFlow Extensions projects, the following obscure and confusing error message is shown.

obscure 'zero' error

This occurs when creating a ‘New’ item and happens regardless of the type of custom form being used (Change Request, Requirements, etc.). Opening an already existing item will display the Custom Form correctly.


This is typically due to using an incorrectly formed Workflow with the APE, for example, if there are not enough workflow steps or process flow indicators created in the workflow.

Ensure that that each WorkFlow has at least one step in addition to the “Entry Step”. The "Entry Step" is just that, the entrance to the workflow; each ‘new’ item will automatically try to go to what is effectively the 2nd step in the workflow. If this additional step does not exist, this will generate the error.

Check that each step has at least one connecting flow arrow. These can be accidentally deleted and will again disrupt the flow through the workflow and can also cause this obscure error to be shown.