Why am I getting "Maximum number of client connections exceeded" when starting MPX?



Why am I getting "Maximum number of client connections exceeded" when starting MPX?


  • Product Name: StarTeam MPX
  • Product Version: All
  • Product Component: MPX Server / RA Cache Agent
  • Platform/OS Version: All

Why after performing a StarTeam Server restart does start up fail with the following error message in the StarTeam Server log?

"StarTeamMPX: Message from RTserver: Maximum number of client connections exceeded."

"StarTeam Message Broker error: server denied access"

Either one or both of these messages may appear in the log and they indicate that the Message Broker closed the connection due to a timeout. To resolve the issue increase the timeout settings for both the client and server configuration files as follows:

  1. Open the STMessageBroker.ini file (Located on the Message Broker machine)
  2. Locate the client_keep_alive_timeout setting
  3. Change the value to 30.0
  4. Locate the client_read_timeout setting
  5. Change the value to 30.0
  6. Open the MPXEventTransmitter.ini
  7. Locate the server_keep_alive_timeout setting
  8. Change the value to 30.0
  9. Locate the server_read_timeout setting
  10. Change the value to 30.0
  11. Restart the StarTeam Server and Message Broker

This will ensure the timeout setting for client / server timeout is increased to 30 seconds. If you still experience the same error then try increasing to 40 seconds. If the issue exists after that point then it may be network related issues or an MPX configuration issue. It may be advisable to contact Borland Technical Support for more information on troubleshooting.

Old KB# 27750
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