How do I create a custom form with Layout Designer?



How do I create a custom form with Layout Designer?


  • Product Name: Star Team
  • Product Version: 2006
  • Product Component: Layout Designer
  • Platform/OS Version: All


How do I create a custom form with Layout Designer?


When creating custom forms with StarTeam Layout Designer you need to do the following:

  • Plan the form.
  • Create the appropriate folder in the StarFlow Extensions project.
  • Launch the Layout Designer, and design the form in the form layout area.
  • Save the form in the appropriate project folder in the StarTeam Extensions project.
  • Activate the form.

Note: Before you install StarTeam Layout Designer, verify that the StarFlow Extensions project exists on the server on which the form will be developed and used (it is automatically added by ST server 2006). Create the necessary project folders before you start designing the form.

By default, when you install StarTeam Server 2006, the installer automatically installs and creates the StarFlow Extensions project. The StarFlow Extensions project contains a folder named Projects. You must use this project to store your custom Layout Designer forms.
Forms stored within the Projects folder are used by projects on the server as follows:

  • If you store a custom form in the Projects folder, it is used by all projects on the server unless a form at a lower level overrides it.
  • If you create a myproject folder under the Projects folder, all forms stored within this folder are used for the project named myproject on the server that contains the StarFlow Extensions project.
  • If you create a myviews folder under the myproject folder, the forms stored within it are used in the myviews view for the specified project.

You must use specific filenames for layout files. File names are case-sensitive. If a file is named incorrectly, the client cannot find or use the file. StarTeam Layout Designer outputs *.Layout..xml files. The following filenames are supported for each item type:

  • File - File.Layout.xml
  • Change Request- ChangeRequest.Layout.xml
  • Requirement - Requirement.Layout.xml
  • Task - Task.Layout.xml
  • Topic - Topic.Layout.xml

To summarise what we have discussed:

  • Open Layout DesignerÂ
  • Click on newÂ
  • Create a form
  • Give it ChangeRequest.Layout.xml name
  • Save it either in StarFlowExtensions folder (will affect al the projects under a given configuration) or select a single project that you want to apply this custom CR form to.
  • When you open the project with the saved CR and click on the CR pane it will automatically open the newly created CR form.

You will find additional info here (Layout Designer section):

You can download Layout Designer here:

Author: Tom Przezdziecki

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