Created On:  30 March 2012


The following error occurs in the Star Team server log file:

Exception handled at CStServer::DoCommand: Class = CStServerException, Code = 1020(0x000003fc)
        Msg = Configuration policy does not allow you to login.
              Please contact your local administrator for more information.
                [ComponentID] = 65535
                [Client IP Address] = XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXXX
                [ClassID] = -1
                [CommandID] = 14
                [ServiceID] = 0
                [Dump Status] = Error dump completed successfully.


This error can have multiple causes. 

StarTeam allows administrators to fine tune the set of client applications that can connect to the server by customizing an app-control.xml file. This feature prevents unwanted SDK applications from connecting to the Server and draining Server resources.  Further information can be found in the Administration help guide.

The number of licenses may have been exceeded.  When a user logs into the StarTeam server using a named license, the StarTeam server records the IP address of the client machine. That user can then log into the server at the same time from up to 5 unique IP addresses. Once 5 unique IP addresses have been recorded for that user, however, no more sessions can be established with that User ID.  If your Star Team user is using concurrent licenses the limit will be dependent on the amount of available licenses left in the pool. Once all the licenses are used up no further logons will be allowed. 

When running Star Team SDK applications it is important to ensure that connections are handled correctly. Closing connections is good practice and will free up licenses for other users.

Incident #2564580