Close cursor on commit



Close cursor on commit


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • 4.x all versions upgrading to StarTeam Server 5.1.264 - 5.4.140 using SQL 7 or 2000
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP


When attempting the StarTeam 4.x to StarTeam 5.x the upgrade will stop with the error "Close cursor on commit".


The error "Cursor is not open" is caused by a SQL Server setting called "Close cursor on commit". Unchecking this setting should allow you to continue with the upgrade. If you are not allowed to continue the upgrade you will have to drop the 5.x tables and delete the 5.x server configuration from with server tools and re-initiate the upgrade. You can change this setting from within SQL Enterprise Manager->right-click the "Microsoft SQL Servers" node->Properties->select the "Connections" tab->Uncheck "Close cursor on commit".

For a list of StarTeam 5.x tables contact Technical Support or sort by creation date. As with any operation that manipulates data the best practice is to make a complete backup prior to upgrading and especially editing the database.

Old KB# 28329
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