Is there any way to get deleted folders back?



Is there any way to get deleted folders back?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 6.x and 2005
  • Product Component: Deleted folders
  • Platform/OS Version: All


Is there any way to get deleted folders back?


If a user deletes a Folder,it is best to restore from backups.
However the following can be used to undelete the folder when backups are not the best option.
1.Perform a complete backup of your StarTeam repository, configuration files and database
while the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server is shutdown and no one is accessing the database
2. Once the backup is completed, restart the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server and startup your StarTeam client
3. Open two instances of the view in which the folder was deleted, and use the StarTeam Window menu option,
"Tile Vertically" to display both instances of the same view side-by-side
4. Select the view on the left, and then select the StarTeam View menu option, "Select Configuration..."
5. In the resultant, "Select a View Configuration" dialog box, choose the "Configuration as of:" option and
select a date and time that was right before the folder was deleted, then click the "OK" button.
The configuration on the left will now be rolled back to the time right before the folder was deleted and
you should be able to see the deleted folder and its files.
6. Select the "deleted" folder in the left window, and perform a share (CTRL-drag) of the "deleted" folder across
to the current configuration on the right, making sure to share the "deleted" folder at its proper place in the
current folder hierarchy
7. Close the left-hand, rolled-back in time configuration of the view
8. In the current view, where the "deleted" folder has now been shared to, right-click on the "deleted" folder and
choose the "Advanced - Behavior..." option
9. In the resultant "Item Behavior" dialog box, click on the "Configuration" tab, and set the folder"s configuration to
"Floating", then click the "OK" button
10. Select the "deleted" folder again, and then right-click on any one of the files in that folder, and
choose the menu option "Select - Select All". All of the files in the "deleted" folder should now be selected
11. Right-click over any one of the selected files and choose the "Advanced - Behavior..." option
12. In the "Item Behavior" dialog box, click on the "Configuration" tab, and set the file configurations to "Floating",
then click the "OK" button
13. Repeat steps 8 through 12 for any sub-folders and their files that were also accidentally deleted under the "deleted"
folder if it did, in fact have any sub-folders

You will lose all label attachments and links to this folder and its files, and these will have to be manually reattached,
but you will have recovered your folders and files with their revision histories intact.
Please note that items within the folder (ie: files, crs, etc¿) will be branched from this point forward.
Thus the branch revision will have an additional 2 digits after the decimal.

Author:Swati Joshi
Support Case:596687

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