Created On:  23 February 2011


When checking in a file, a user may want to review any changes using the Compare/Merge utility, before completing the check-in process. The Compare/Merge utility opens in a modal window and must be closed before returning to the file check in dialog.


As a workaround:

1. Open the Cross Platform Client
2. Choose Tools | Personal Options | File Tab | Alternate Application button 
3. Select the Comparison Utility Check box and click the "..." button
4. Browse to the standalone "File Compare Merge" installation folder and select "File Compare Merge" in the bin folder "C:\Program Files\Borland\File Compare Merge\bin"

If this directory does not exist locate the file named "File Compare Merge.exe" in the installation folder of the StarTeam Client, for example, "C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Cross-Platform Client 2009"

5. In the options field enter the following "$file1 $file2" (without quotes)

When the "Compare" button is selected within the "check-in" dialogue, or at any other time, the standalone Compare/Merge utility will open in a non-modal window and will not have to be closed to returning to the file check in dialog.
Incident #2497248