How do I find 'lost' data?



How do I find 'lost' data?


Sometimes, locating items that seem to be 'lost' might seem to be difficult. To make this task easier, QATrackRecord provides a number of different ways to locate 'lost' data.

If you know some text in the item you're looking for:

  1. From the File menu, choose Search database.
  2. Enter the known text in the Search for field. If the text is at the beginning of the item, choose the Starts with option. If not, choose Anywhere. Click Search
  3. All items that contain the typed text appear in the lower window. Once the item that you're looking for appears, you can click Cancel to stop the search.
  4. To open the located item, double-click it in the bottom list.

You can also locate an item by association. Although this method is less direct that searching, it can help to find relationships between items that aren't immediately obvious.

To search by association:

  1. Open an item that's related to the data you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a defect, you could open the person who reported the defect, the program unit the defect was related to, etc.
  2. Click the Links tab.

  • On the right is a list of items the current item is contained in. At the bottom left is a list of the fields in the current item. To continue following the links from any one of these items: select the item, and then click Show Links. To retrace your steps, click the Backtrack button.
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