Created On:  16 August 2010


How do you migrate StarFlow Extensions from JBuilder 2006 to 2008R2?


Configuring JBuilder 2008R2 with StarTeam StarFlow Extension Sample

The following process shows how to migrate StarFlow Extension sample form from JBuilder 2006 project and below to JBuilder 2008R2.

Migrating JBuilder Project:

1.       Open  JBuilder 2008R2

2.       Select File on the JBuilder menu

3.       Select New under the File menu

4.       Select Project   under the New menu.

5.       In the scroll item window (in the dialog), select the Legacy JBuilder

6.       Under Legacy JBuilder select the item Java Project from Existing JBuilder .jpx Project

7.       Click Next button

8.       For Jbuilder Project File, click Browse

9.       Select the .jpx for the StarFlow Sample project you wish to convert

10.    Click Finish
Note:  You will not be able to set the missing library until after you convert the project  

11.   Click Yes in the confirm dialog window
Note:  The project will have errors beause of the missing library

To add the library to JBuilder 2008R2:

1.       From JBuilder  select Window

2.       In the "Window" menu, select Preferences

3.       Expand Java within the "Preferences List box" in the Preferences dialog window

4.       Expand Build Path under the "Java" menu

5.       Select the User Libraries under the “Build Path” menu

6.       Click New to add the item to the user Libraries

a.       GUI SDK

b.      StarTeam

c.       StarTeam Extensions

7.       Select  “GUI SDK” and click Add JAR’s

a.       Add  two libraries for “GUI SDK” from the StarFlow Extensions\Projects folder

                                       i.         Starteam-gui.jar

                                     ii.         Guicomponents.jar

8.       Select “StarTeam” and click Add JAR’s button

a.       Add one library for “StarTeam” from the StarTeam SDK 11\Lib folder

                                       i.         Starteam110.jar

9.       Select “StarTeam Extensions” and clickAdd JAR’s button

a.       Add one library for “starflow-extensions” from the StarFlow Extensions\Projects folder

                                       i.          Starflow-extensions.jar

10.   Click on the OK button.

Adding the libraries to the project:

1.       In the Package Explore Window, Right click the project and select Properties from the drop down menu

2.       Select Java Build Path from the list dialog in the Properties dialog

3.        Click the Libraries tab

4.       Click on the Add Library button and select User Library

5.       Click on the Next button

6.       Select  the following user Libraries:

a.       GUI SDK

b.      StarTeam

c.       StarTeam Extension

7.       Click Finish

8.       Click OK

Enable Swing Designer and adding StarTeam GUI components to Palette:

1.       From the Feature Navigator window select Swing Designer

2.       Select  the item Open existing java File in Swing Designer

3.       Select the form java file (ie

4.       To add the StarTeam GUI component to the palette:

a.       Right mouse click on the Palette section

b.      From the drop down windows select Palette Manager

c.       Click on the Add Category button

                                                               i.      Add a category named “StarFlow”

                                                             ii.      Click "OK"

d.      Select Category name StarFlow

e.      Click Add From Archive

                                                               i.      Within the Archive Dialog, under Add Beans, click "Browse"

                                                             ii.      Select  "guicomponents.jar" from the Open dialog window

                                                            iii.      Click "Open"

                                                           iv.      Click "Select All" under the Add Beans from Archive screen

                                                             v.      Click "OK"

f.        Check StarFlow within “Palette Manager”

g.       Click OK