Created On:  22 November 2011


Occasionally it may be required to prevent users from checking-in any further changes to a View, such as when under a code-freeze. Can access rights be used to achieve this.


This can be achieved using Access Rights defined by a StarTeam Administrator on a specific View.

The following example assumes that its necessary to restrict access to the StarTeam User Group "LOCKDOWN". However, the same principle applies to individual users.

When specifically denying the group 'LOCKDOWN' it is imperative to explicitly grant other users; otherwise no users, including the Administrators, will have access.

Therefore, it is always best practice to always 'GRANT' at least one Administrator user full access.  Failing to do this could results in all users, including Administrators, being locked out, with no way of resetting these rights.

  1. In StarTeam CPC, use a StarTeam Administrator account
  2. Open the View to restrict access to, in this example, the Administrators group
  3. Select 'View | Access Rights' from the menu toolbar
  4. Highlight 'File' under the Categories section
  5. Add two groups;

    Lockdown (or whatever name of the user group to deny)
  6. Click 'Add' and select 'Administrators' and make sure the 'Type' is set to 'Granted'
  7. Conversely for the 'lockdown' group makes sure it is set to 'Deny'
  8. Next highlight 'Granted Administrators (G)' under 'Users and groups' section
  9. Press 'Select All', this is granting ALL rights to the users in the Administrators group
  10. Repeat for the 'Denied Lockdown (G)' group or whatever group you have chosen
  11. Select the following options (make sure NOT to change the radio box from 'Deny')

    Using these option you are denying the user(s) in this group rights to do anything to this View except to see the items ("See item and its propeties") and see the items history ("See history") options.
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