Submitting Items to a Backlog via an Info Stream


Once you have connected two backlogs via an Info Stream, you can push stories from the source stream to the target stream.

Prerequisite: You must have an Info Stream connecting the source and target backlogs.

Submitting a story from the source backlog to the target backlog does not automatically add the story to the target backlog. The project administrator can accept or reject any story that is submitted. Rejected stories can be resubmitted at a later date.

  1. Navigate to the source backlog and choose the story you want to submit.
  2. Click the gear symbol on the far right side of the story bar.
  3. Under Submit to Backlog Stream, select the target project backlog. An info stream symbol will appear to the right of the story name in the originating backlog.

The status of stories submitted to other backlogs can be tracked in the Outbox of the original project's Info Streams management panel. The owner of the target backlog will see the story in the Info Stream panel Inbox. The owner can then either accept or reject adding the story to the target backlog.

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