How to archive portions of the StarTeam repository



How to archive portions of the StarTeam repository


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.x
  • Windows (all versions), Solaris


Sometimes it is desirable to archive a portion of a StarTeam repository. The following procedure outlines the steps required to archive a selected set of projects in a StarTeam repository.


In order to archive some of your StarTeam repository you can do the following:

1. Copy the StarTeam repository to another location (hereinafter referred to as Archive repository) and make sure that it works properly.

a. Please see the How to move a 5.2 StarTeam Repository.htm knowledge base article for instructions.

b. The copy of the StarTeam repository is best made to a different machine than the production StarTeam server.

2. Start the Archive repository and delete all of the Projects/Views that you do not want to archive.

3. Run Purge from Server Tools on the Archive repository. This will remove all of the deleted items.

4. Restart the Archive repository and make sure the proper contents are there.

5. Once the copy has been verified to contain the proper contents you can then delete the Projects/Views to be archived from your Production repository.

6. Run Purge from Server Tools on the Production repository to remove the files and items associated with the deleted Projects and Views.

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