Creating a New Sprint


Note: Before you can start creating sprints, you have to create a Release. See Creating a New Release.

You should have a backlog of stories with enough details for the Scrum Team to understand what needs to be accomplished. Details can be added as the sprint progresses but enough details need to be provided for the team to estimate the amount of effort required.

  1. From the Backlog view, click the running man icon on the top right of the screen. This will open the Sprint Planning Panel. When it is populated, you will see a list of all the sprints that have been created, past and future.
  2. Click Release to select the appropriate release. 
  3. Click Add New Sprint to open the New Sprint dialog box. Enter the Sprint Name and the select the Start Date and End Date. Then click Add Sprint.
  4. To add stories to a sprint, click on the story in the backlog and drag it to the sprint box. Ctrl Click will let you select multiple stories at a time. The Points and Story Types will automatically update as you add and remove stories. The Burndown chart will update throughout the sprint to indicate progress.
  5. To return stories in a sprint to the backlog, click the gear icon and select Move to Backlog.

After a sprint plan has been finalized, the Scrum Team will begin adding tasks to the stories.

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