How to add a folder to StarTeam from the command line



How to add a folder to StarTeam from the command line


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005, 2005 Rel2, 2006
  • Product Component: Client, Command Line
  • Platform/OS Version: All

How does a user add a folder using the STCMD command line?

First, make sure the command line function can be run from the system path.
Open a Windows command line: Start --> Run --> CMD
Type stcmd and hit enter. If a message is returned that it cannot find this command, then navigate within the command line window to the StarTeam client installation folder (normally, C:\Program files\Borland\StarTeam Cross Patform Client 2006) and enter stcmd. If this does not work, then please contact Technical Support.

After you have verified that you can use STCMD, you can add a folder using the following method:

Use stcmd add-folder to add StarTeam folders to a view from the command line. You can add the folder to the root folder or any other folder in that view. The working folder for your new StarTeam folder is created by default within StarTeam, not on your workstation. The working folder has the same name as the StarTeam folder. It is a child folder of the working folder for the StarTeam folder?s parent.For example, suppose you create a StarTeam folder named "Wizard". Wizard is a child of a StarTeam folder whose working folder is "C:\StarDraw". Therefore, Wizard?s working folder becomes "C:\StarDraw\Wizard".Using the -is option allows you to add a branch of folders to the project view?s folder hierarchy. When you use -is, use either -rp or -fp to specify the folder on your workstation whose child folders will become the new StarTeam folder?s child folders. Using -fp is recommended, as it specifies the path directly to the parent of those child folders. In contrast, -rp, which specifies the path to the working folder used for the view"s root folder, appends StarTeam folder names in the hierarchy from the root folder to the new folder to the path you specify. Only when you use the -is option do -rp and -fp have any effect on this command.

The syntax for this command is as follows:

stcmd add-folder -p "projectSpecifier" [-pwdfile "filePath"] [-cmp] [-csf] [-encryptencryptionType] [-is] [-q] [-x] [-stop] [-rp "folderPath" | -fp "folderPath"] -name "folderName"[-d "description"] [-ex "excludeType"] [-exlist "fileMask" | -exfile "fileName"]

Author: Donnie Nix

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