Created On:  25 April 2011


Can data from Serena Dimensions be migrated to StarTeam?


StarTeam does not have the ability to import data from Serena Dimensions. Versions of StarTeam before 2005 R2 did provide functionaility to wrap foreign archives but newer versions of StarTeam do not permit this operation due to changes in the StarTeam vault.

Professional Services developed a custom tool to allow the migration from PVCS Dimensions to StarTeam.  This tool was originally created for use on StarTeam 2005 R2 server.
The migration includes both Dimensions CR's, which are mapped to StarTeam CR's, and Dimensions Configuration Items which are mapped to StarTeam files. The migration has three phases:

1. Export : from Dimensions database to MS-SQL database
2. Translate : create the mapping between Dimensions CR values and StarTeam CR values
3. Import : which reads the exported SQL DB and creates project and files history in StarTeam

StarTeam native wrapping/go-native is not used.  This application is a custom utility and can only be delivered by employing Professional Services.
Incident #2512885