How do I solve the StarTeam error, "Error could not create the Java virtual machine"?



How do I solve the StarTeam error, "Error could not create the Java virtual machine"?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2008
  • Product Component: Cross Platform Client
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows

This error is caused whenever the Java Virtual Machine is unable to launch. Further details are available from the Java Stack Trace. This error is known to be caused when memory allocation to the JVM is increased to 1GB or above.
Two possible approaches can be taken to resolving this issue. The memory allocation can be limited at the system level (this will affect all Java applications) or can be limited for StarTeam only. Both approaches are outlined below.

Changing memory allocation at the system level

  1. Open the Java control panel, available from the Windows Control Panel or the taskbar (if Java is running)

  2. Select the Java tab and click View in the Java Application Runtime Settings box.

  3. Double click into the Location row for the column corresponding to your StarTeam Java version (1.6)

  4. Append the string -Xmx followed by the memory in megabytes you wish to specify for allocation. Please ensure this is less than 1GB (512m in above example)

  5. Click OK and close the Java control panel.

  6. Click OK and open StarTeam, the JVM and StarTeam will now load.

Changing memory allocation for StarTeam only

Simply open the StarTeamCP.stjava file (found in the directory where you installed StarTeam CPC, by default its c:\program files\Borland\Starteam Cross-Platform Client 2008)and modify the options line to say -Xmx512m for example. The exact value will depend on the amount of resources your machine has and the 512m value is a recommendation.

Contact Borland Support if you continue to have trouble launching the StarTeam CPC.

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