Backlog Ranking View

over 9 years ago

The Ranking view allows you to prioritize stories for sprint grooming and see all of the actionable stories in the backlog.

The Ranking view is typically used by the Scrum Team to view stories during sprint planning. Stories are moved from the backlog to a sprint by dragging them to appropriate sprint in the Sprint window. To move a story up or down in the backlog, click and drag the story to the appropriate position.

Stories that are tied to an epic story will have a bracket in the top left corner. Clicking the bracket will display the name of the parent story. Click the name of the parent story again to close.

Clicking on the gear symbol to the right of the story will allow you to:

  •  Edit the story card
  • Assign the story to an existing sprint
  • Add another story below that story
  • Delete the story
  • Submit story to an Info Stream

To nest the stories or view the parent/child relationships, switch to the Hierarchical view.

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