Event Window Explanations

After searching the the help documentation I've found very little explanation for the different types of Window Events. It may seem self explanatory, but it's really not. Is there more documentation for Active, Exits, and Focus Window Events? 

  • Not sure is this is much help.

    I have only occasionally  used Window events.Most of the time I code around what I want.

    Whenever Window Exists


    I have however used a Whenever Window  Exists event for a window that randomly popped up at unpredictable times when running an app.  However the Whenever seemd to consume a lot of CPU power.

    Window Active v Focus


    Occasionally I have the same window open multiple times OR the same window hidden and visible THEN  I  use Focus to predict which one I am interested in .

    However I'm not sure TestPartner consistently knows the difference between Active (visible?) and Focus(in Focus). Basically I don't rely on TestPartner differentiating betwen the various window states and prefer to write my own functions(events).

    p.s. For multiple windows I seem to remember there was a Z-Order variable which could be used.



    Most of the time I don't usethe Event wizard


    Text Events


    I do sometimes use TEXT events  when the same window name has different warning messages. In that case I use a Text event to recognise the actual warning message.