Retrieving TestPartner scripts

over 8 years ago

When attempting to retrieve TestPartner scripts from Manage Global Scripts, a user receives the error: Tool Domain not configured correctly. Verify your Tool Domain information.

Verify the following checkpoints to resolve this issue: 

  1. Ensure Single Sign on is configured for the TestPartner Tool Domain from Tools User Options.
  2. Ensure the TestPartner user name and password is entered correctly in the TestPartner Tool Domain under the General tab.
  3. If QADirector is not installed on the Default Web site, verify the port number of the web site it is installed on and modify the Integration Web Service URL for the TestPartner tool.
    • Go into Manage Tools to modify the Integration Web Service URL.
    • Enter the QADirector web server name and port, for example, http://hostname:9197/TPServices/TPService.asmx
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