TextExists is not working correctly with Internet Explorer 9 text

over 8 years ago

As TestPartner support for Internet Explorer 9 is still at its early stages, we are aware of an issue with the TextCapture method which is used with the TextExists method as documentated in the readme file associated with TestPartner 6.3 websynch 4 hotfix_1.

According to the above document:

Product Updates
HotFix 1
TestPartner tolerance for IE9:
• HTML Automation (Video and audio tags (added in IE9) are not supported).
• Text Capture:
• Software mode only.
• The color and background color of the text is not captured (this doesn't affect verification of the check).

In order to be able to use TextCapture or the TextExists method with Internet Explorer 9, we need to first set IE9 to Software mode only. To do so, use the following steps:

     1) From IE9 Tools | Internet Options
     2) Go to the Advanced tab
     3) Enable the field under 'Accelerated graphics' | 'Use software rendering instead of GPU rending*'
     4) Restart IE9


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