Proxy Configured in My system but messages are not learning as per the tutorial

Hi Team,

I am new to MF SV and installed free Trail version and getting hands on with the product. After i configure the proxy as localhost 7201 as HTTP proxy and SV is in learning mode but messages are not getting recorded.

Proxy navigation:Systems-->Network and Internet -->Proxy-->Manual Proxy set up on host name i have tried with my laptop name as well localhost also and in port i have given 7201..

Please let me know where i am doing wrong and give me solution for this, When i change proxy as 7206 i got below error in the  Health Insurance demo client.

For 7206 Port


Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.

For port 7777

Communication error with ClaimProcessing [http://lp-5cd742bscv:8102/ServiceSimulation/Demo/ClaimProcessing]. Is proxy correctly configured?

and in the SV if i click reconfigure instructions I am getting below error:

System,NullReferenceExecption object reference not set to an instance of an object. 


Attached error message screen shots for reference...