Can we keep sending message in opened TCP socket?

The case is one time request to SV for fix-length message, one response returned for this request. Then keep socket opened and SV sending back message as scheduled. For response that app send back to SV as return from SV request, we can ignore.

Is there anyway to implement this, may be using script rule or else?


Aphiwat Leetavorn

  • Hi Aphiwat,

    it should be possible. You can use fixed-length protocol multiresponses multi response delay in a performance model. The number of the messages can be fixed or controlled from the data rule/scripted rule and the same applies for multi response content.

    How many responses you would like to send? Will this be used for performance testing?

  • Hi Jakub


    this is application for bank, will be used to transfer across other banks thu third-party. This app will transfer money out and accept money in. So, this case is still for functional

    On your suggest "fixed-length protocol multiresponses multi response delay in a performance model",

    - I set multi response in data model index=1, count=3 

    - I set actual state = enable, sequential (single thread), after simulation = 0 0 0, periodically, send responses every 1min, Number of messages = 1

    I attach image as mentioned above.

    Does this means, SV will send response 3 rounds after get first request, am I correct?



    Aphiwat L

  • I see your response data look the same, so you can have just one row and set the Count to the desired number of responses.

    In the performance model, revert the changes in the "Batch Simulation" and in the "Performance Metrics" set "Multi Response Interval" (used for response 2, 3, 4, ...) and "Response Time" (used for response 1) to desired values.


  • Many thanks Jakub


    However, if I have many response, how should I do?

    What is it look like? Is it as below? And which value for index and count

    [row1] request A -> response A [index=?, count=?]

    [row2] request A -> response B [index=?, count=?]

    [row3] request A -> response C [index=?, count=?]



    Aphiwat L

  • [row1] request A -> response A [index=1, count=99]

  • HI Jakub


    I mean

    first time =response A,

    second time =response B (differ length and structure)


    but only one request.

    Is this still can? and How to? 



    Thanks and Regards

    Aphiwat L

  • Verified Answer


    You can have a rule with IS condition on Index=1 and SET on count =99

    You can create another rule and place that second response there and configure it to IGNORE on Index and SET on count=99

  • So,


    There 2 rules with same operation in there

    First rule, request 0200 (not ignore) -> response 0210 [index=1 (not ignore), count=99 (not ignore)]

    Second rule, request 0200 (not ignore) -> response 0200 [index=1 (ignore), count=99 (not ignore)]

    Am I correct?


    Then, how can response (2, 3, 4...) send back from the second rule? SV will know and process automatically from this criteria.

    And, which operation we shall set the "multi response interval"?


    Sorry for interrupt you lot.

    I promise I will help answer on what I already know more often.



    Aphiwat L