Multi Response for Single Request in SV tool 5.4

Could you please explain how to send 1st Response immediate after Request and 2nd Response aft 30 sec. Could you please explain it from the 1st step itself. I tried below C# coding But Getting error.

I am completely new to this tool. Please help me?

  • What protocol is this?

    I would suggest to use Service Call Activity if it is a supported protocol. If not, then scripting it is fine as well, but I would suggest installing Visual Studio (free version is sufficient) to edit the source code as you get better code completion there and also a debugging possibility.

  • Thanks so much. But for SCA endpoint I need to generate token. No idea how to do that.

  • I realized from the screenshot operation it's the REST protocol. For REST multi-response is not possible, since HTTP is not asynchronous. Multi-response is just for messaging or other asynchronous communication. But the workaround is indeed using SCAs as Jakub mentioned. You can populate SCA request parameters from Custom Data Rule as well as from the script. If you need to generate a token, you will likely need a script. What kind of token it is?