How to pass any string as parameter?

I have a requirement where I need to pass any string as parameter at the end of the URL for a positive response.

I could not find any function which I can use in the data model. Can you tell me how this can be achieved?

  • Hello Deepika, could you please be more specific? If you use the REST protocol, then during learning the query string parameters will be stored inside the Parameters part of the HTTP Input metadata in your data model row (you can also add them manually from Service Description Editor). From there you can use them for row matching, or you can copy the value to the response, or use it for any other more complex processing. 

    Is this what you were asking about? Could you please provide an example and confirm that you use the REST protocol. Also, I don't understand how you meant it with appending it to the URL, since the queried/posted URL is given by the request.

  • Yes, we are using REST protocol and I am able to see the query string parameters/value is stored inside the Parameters part of the HTTP Input metadata in our data model row. My doubt is how to replace the initial string parameter value in such a way that it should accept any string value provided as parameter.

  • If you need to match some request in your data model irrespective of value of parameter Foo, you need to put the Ignore function on that column in the corresponding Data Model rule. Then when matching it will match even if there is a different value than recorded.