Proxy Setting for SCA calls


We were trying to make one SCA call from SV tool, But the client server refuses the connection. So we need to add some proxy details for that SCA call. Could you please help us to find the settings and procedure to add proxy details. Does it need any certificates?

  • Hi,

    All SCAs have an agent assigned, which is used to execute the remote service invocation. If that agent supports setting up the proxy (HTTP agents), it can solve your problem.

    If you don't know which agent is used in your SCA, right-click on the top-most header in a data model table (next to the Enabled/Disabled/Ignored switch) and from the context menu select Activity Properties - you will see your agent there.

    To set chained proxy for HTTP agent go to Options/Agent/select your agent, check "Use another proxy server to communicate with real service" and configure required proxy by clicking on the Settings link after the checkbox.