Idea ID: 2872727

Make MFSV Designer able to launch and run without Admin rights being needed.

Status : Needs Clarification

Running SV Designer without admin rights is possible on Windows standard installation. Users just won't have ability to create new HTTP(S) agents.This is partly mitigated by pre-registering ports by admin - see here.

If the SV Designer is not launching at all, problem will be somewhere else (performance counters not created during installation, DB shared with other users, ...). Please contact support to get help.

See status update history

We have a situation where a number of users are on MacOS and in order to accommodate them we have a solution that runs the software on a seperate machine where the app is published via the web. 

We are running into a roadblock where the app requires admin rights in order to launch.

We would like that requirement to removed. I know it then would revoke the user's ability to work with the local agents but that isn't as much of a concern for us as we are using MFSV server to deploy the virtual services.