How to enable in-memory simulation


By default SV Server uses database to get the required data during simulation. It has however an ability to pre-load the data and run the simulation just from the memory (although the database is still needed for everything else). This can typically result in TPS increase between 10% - 30%. In case DB is having performance issues during simulation, these numbers could be even higher.

Warning #1: This configuration has impact to whole SV Server, so all virtual services running on it would be running from in-memory.

Warning #2: if you want to benefit from in-memory simulation the most, don't use custom conditions as those cannot be evaluated in-memory, but are always executed on DB level.

To enable inMemory simulation:

  1. Locate the configuration file for SV Server, which is by default stored in following location:
    1. Windows:
      c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Service Virtualization Server\Server\bin\HP.SV.StandaloneServer.exe.config
    2. Linux:
  2. Make a backup of the configuration file
  3. Open it in a text editor
  4. Search for "ServiceCallDataProviderProxy" and change it like below:
    <add key="ServiceCallDataProviderProxy.SelectedObjectName" value="inMemory" />
  5. Save the configuration file and restart your SV Server

Note: Same information is now provided also in SV Help.


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