How to take the backup of Business Process test cases from ALM

I Want to take back up of business process test cases from ALM, to copy it to new ALM (From one company to another company). Can any one suggest me, is there any utility or any way to do that.

Thansk in advance for your replies and commments.





  • Some options to consider for copying tests from one project to another: 

    1) open both instances of ALM up side by side in a browser. Copy the test from one project and paste into the other. Also works with folders. NOTE: both projects must have the same custom fields. Both ALM instances must be the same version.

    2) Use Libraries and Baselines to import a NOTE: requires enterprise version of HP ALM.

    3) OTA, use the open test api to copy the tests. NOTE: requires someone with experience writing code 


  • You can try taking ALM project backup from 1st company and restoring the same in 2nd company. This would be easy and fast. 

    Note: For this solution to work, ALM version in both the companies should be same.