Can BPT execution be part manual and part automation

i have more questions with respect to BPT as we are planning to implement BPT for our client. il be posting the questions individually.

1. we can have both manual and automation test scripts/steps for each component,i understand. But is it possible to execute part manual and then the rest via automated scripts. a mix of manual and automation execution.  can we? 


eg: placing files in fileshare would be manual. file verification and data validation in the application UI would be automation.

  • Hi,


    For one BPT/Flow Test, we just select one way to execute it,  manually or automatically. For example, there are 3 components in this BPT. We can't manually execute the first component and automatically execute the second and third components.

    For you example, I suggest that you create the first BPT test to place file in fileshare, and create the second BPT test to verify file and validate data. In this way, you can manually execute the first BPT test and automatically the second BPT test.

    Hope it can help you.