APM 9.50 - How can we send an email with snasphot attachment

Hello Experts,

I try to enable the send snapshot attchment feature on APM 9.50 from my email templates but it does not work, i dont receive the attachment. Does anyone succed in enable this feature? 

  • Hello Snaili,

    Depends on the email template you have, there will be additional limitations.

    For example, so far under BSM we can have the following items sent trough mail.

    1) BSM Reports (Default ones), can be from SiteScope, BPM/RUM or even from CI status Reports.

    2) Custom Reports (created manually) under Application -> User Reports

    3) Alerts notifications (from RUM/BPM, SLA Alerts or even CI status alerts)

    4) Downtimes Notifications

    Depends on the email template that you will use, you can chose specific details. So if you want please let us know which email functionality you are using and which information you want to display correctly.






  • Hello,


    Thank you for your message. I try to send my snapshot attachment in an alert notification (BPM).

    In my template, I have :

    <<Actual Details>>

    <<Snapshot Attachment>>

    But when I receive my alert, i can see my the details but no screenshot (of course screenshots are enabled on my scripts and I can see it from applications/reports.



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