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ALM 12.55 Cannot add a screenshot to a BPT manual run

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ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: CPE Incident created from Support incident SD02043866. In ALM 12.55 ⟨Patch 0⟩ I did following steps: 1⟩ Create a Bussines Component 2⟩ Create a Test with type "BUSINESS-PROCESS" 3⟩ Add the Component to this case 4⟩ Create a Testset 5⟩ Add the Testcase to it 6⟩ Manual-Run the testcase instance in the testset ⟨Run with manual runner⟩ 7a⟩ Try to add a screenshot 7b⟩ Error message "Cannot paste image because it tries to upload attachment files of type png. Contact your project or site administrator." Please see the screenshot attached



ENVIRONMENT: ⟨Hardware, OS, OS Version, Browser, etc⟩ OS: Windows CPE Incident created from Support incident SD02043866. 

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus (now OpenText) Community Manager
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