Idea ID: 2762379

Using BPT tests as test template

Status : New Idea

ACTUAL BEHAVIOR:  In ALM, the "Mark as template test" function for a BPT tests is disabled. I tried the same on a manual test and it was enabled. How can we use a BPT tests as a test template? The goal is to use that as a shared step in other test cases. Testers can then run this shared step automated.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Be able to set a BPT test as a template

HOW-TO-REPRODUCE: In ALM Test Plan, right click over a BPT, you can see the option "Mark as template test" is grayed out.

ENVIRONMENT: (Hardware, OS, OS Version, Browser, etc) ALM 12.01 patch 04 How frequently would you use this enhancement? Often. We would like to automate our shared steps, i.e. template tests in many places in our test suites.

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus (now OpenText) Community Manager
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