we are facing problem with truclient protocol incognito window (chrome)

we are recording the script in 12.55 version of loadrunner, by default while redording the script with truclient protocol incognito window is opening and script was recorded sucussfully. After when we  replay the script it is not woring.  incognito window is not opening for every user due to this we are unalb to move further. 

can any body please suggest your ideas. 


  • In TruClient Chromium, the browser window for the application is opened in Incognito Mode.

    This is done to ensure a "clean slate" for each virtual-user.

    This is done both during scripting ("Develop Script") and replay. Note that when running the script from VuGen or from Controller, the windows are normally hidden. Even in this mode, the browser window is created in the background and the script steps are performed.