Unable to capture a mouse click during recording in True Client protocol

Pls. view the atatched doc which has a snapshot. I can capture the click on the parent object (Image of a person's head) of "Log Out". In UI, once you hover on the image which si captures as "USER", then it shows the sub menu which has the "Log Out". Tried with ctrl-alt-H and I cannot high light the "Log Out" icon and click it. Any help is appreciated. 



  • Hi mhm225,

    First, TruClient usually records also the mouse-over event that is leading to the opening of the sub-menu, so you can try to record the operation of logging out and use the generates steps in your script.

    Note that sometimes, the mouse-over steps are recorded in level 2 or 3. To replay than in your script either adjust the step to the level you're using or change the script level.

    If you need to replace the object in an existing step, you can suspend the Object Selection mode by clicking CTRL ALT F4, bringing the application to the desired state, then using the same key combo to re-enable Object Selection mode.