Is there a way to retrieve detailed Client Side Metrics from Load tests.

Hello all,

I am looking to find out if performance center has any feature which would provide detailed Client Side Metrics.

I have explored the web page diagnostics option with tests running from both HTTP Scripts and Ajax TruClient Scripts. i think HTTP scripts wouldn't give me client side metrics as it works from Transport/Network layer this was for only for comparison, Ajax TruClient being an application level protocol is supposed to give me more accurate details. I have the page download breakdown times but unsure of below details

I would like to know

1) Is there a way to capture detailed Client Side Metrics like rendering time, DOM content load times, total load time from performance center

2) How the browser works with Ajax TruClient protocol, is this an actual browser or a browser similar to the actual?

3) Would the browser load details as any actual browser would?, this is to understand if the rendering, dom content values captured would reflect the true values

Request your help and suggestion.

Thanks in Advance.