Discrepencies in LR results and UI Results


I am working Load runner from past 2 years,Recently I started working on Salesforce techonology where I have done Load  test for the salesforce application.

The  Response time of  From LR results are too high compared to chrome Developer tool results from UI.

Recording of script in HTML/HTTP.

Note: We didnot comment any thing in script and Ran a single user test for 25 iterations in ALM.


Let me Know any further Details Required #Looking for Reason for Descripencies in Responstimes




  • DJ,

    If I understand your situation correctly ...

    You're comparing the results from a Web-http/html script to what you see visually in a real browser?

    When you're using that web protocol, a transaction measures the time from the first byte of the request to the last byte of the response. Nothing that happens client-side is measured. But when you're watching in a real browser (or using TruClient) all of the client-side JavaScript processing happens. So that measurement will always be higher, sometimes by quite a bit.,

    Does that help?